Who we are

Gió Foods is an Italian company established in Rome and in other two independent headquarters in Holland and in United States.

In Gió Foods the main activity can be divided in two parts which are the core business of the company and they concern specific products: Quinoa and Amaranth based Energy Bars, two superfood ingredients that were cultivated and consumed by Latin-American communities since the ancient times and Platano Chips, a tropical fruit from the same family of bananas that can be cooked or fried.

The Energy Bars are the perfect product for people with gluten intolerance and for those who suffer from Diabetes since they are gluten free and they have a poor amount of sugar. Platano Chips are cholesterol-free and that makes this product good for people who needs to reduce cholesterol in the blood while a Vegan customer has the possibility to find those products comply with the vegan diet.

Last but not least there is another special feature that concerns a bigger sector which is fruit and vegetables with a particular attention for imported products.

Whether Energy Bars, Platano Chips, Fruits and Vegetables, the quality standard and the health of the products are granted thanks to the application on European and American protocols about farming, management of foodstuff, the materials of packaging and certifications that guarantee the conformity